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We are Back

In this post, we put all the information relating to COVID19 in the Balearics to continue to be the perfect link with our customers.

Update date 06/07/2020

A few words about us, in introduction mode

We are Ready ! We hope to reactivate ourselves with our clients and all together reinvent ourselves if necessary #LetsPlay.

It took a crisis of this magnitude for environmental awareness to take a leap forward. For several years now, we have been offering numerous eco responsible programs (CSR) and we are committed to highlighting the green character of the Balearic Islands. The destination is constantly innovating for sustainable development.

The Balearic Islands in a different way is our added value. We are Local

Health protocols… Yes, all these devices are indispensable and will surely remain so. We will use our experience in event planning as an incoming agency to accompany you in respecting the new health regulations.

All together, We are Strong !


We have taken advantage of this time to improve, to take a step back, etc. Reinvent yourself? Not really…

In Pro Voyages we will continue to work on a craft trip, we want a quality and innovative product that preserves local cultures #MeetTheLocals and we want a customer who agrees with these values #Insiders, who gets involved to give space to change. #ThinkGreen

What a pleasure to see you again!

We are Happy


Before presenting you with the last episodes of this adventure, we would like to share with you some photos of the Balearic Islands during or just after the confinement.

A paradise preserved for many weeks, when tourists usually start flocking to discover its most beautiful treasures.

As soon as they left the confinement, many of our Islanders took advantage of this unique and historical moment to rediscover the most emblematic places of the islands, but also the most hidden and secret ones. It was like going back 50 years. We were out of time, again, alone, and even more enchanted and amazed by the beauty of the island of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

We are In Love



Travelogue 21/06/2020

Finally, this Sunday, June 21, Spain enters the new normality after 98 days of health emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the Balearic Islands, the Local Government has approved the decree of the new normality that establishes the rules of operation of the different economic, social and cultural areas.

Towards a new normality

Once the state of emergency and extraordinary containment measures have expired, including those restricting freedom of movement, a series of urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures will be taken to further address and control the pandemic. We are COVID Safe


The thing to remember is that the Balearic Islands region is one of the least affected by the pandemic. We have not experienced a serious health crisis like many regions in Spain or in Barcelona and Madrid. In the Balearic Islands, we have been « saved » from the pandemic, but there have been exactly 224 deaths for every 1.2 million inhabitants.

Another reassuring piece of information is that the Balearic Islands are among the regions in Spain that are falling apart most quickly. And if there is one tourist destination in Spain that can now emerge from the crisis, it is the Balearic Islands.

Already on June 15, Spain announced the opening of its borders to the Schengen countries and the abolition of the obligatory quarantine for international tourists by June 21, although these two sensitive issues were initially scheduled for July 1.

Tourism Promotion Plan

On June 18, the French newspaper Le Parisien illustrated its front page with a rhetorical headline: « Where to travel abroad this summer? On the first page, a photo of one of the beaches of Cala Sant Vicenç, an idyllic tourist enclave in the north of Mallorca, was shown full-page. It has been a few days since the Balearic Islands launched its pilot test for tourism, becoming the first Spanish destination to open its borders in a controlled manner, and this coverage, like many others in the international press, has been very much welcomed by the Balearic Government.

In fact, on 18/06 the President of the Spanish Government presented a plan to promote the tourism sector, drawn up in collaboration with representatives of the sector and the regions, to ensure the resumption of tourist activity, which is « a priority » for the Government.

Objective: to stimulate a safe and sustainable tourism sector after COVID-19.

4.5 billion budget + 460 million from the Balearic Islands region with the Reactivation Pact.

The plan focuses on five lines of action

-Restoring confidence
-Support for businesses and employment
-Improvement of competitiveness
-New tourism intelligence observatory
-Marketing and promotion

A good start, but in short, the government’s plan should be seen as a first step on the long road ahead to ensure the recovery and survival of the sector.

Many international Spanish celebrities have mobilized to convey a message of safety to all the media and to promote Spain as a safe tourism destination with the best infrastructure and health system in the world.

Campagne Spain For Sure

From the Balearics, the child prodigy of Mallorca, Rafael Nadal, takes the floor to propose the island to the Spanish.

 Rafael Nadal

The Balearic Islands chosen for the Pilot Test of Tourism in Spain

The Balearic Islands will then be the first Spanish destination to receive foreign visitors after the Covid-19 pandemic. In the second half of June, German tourists arrived in the archipelago to participate in a pilot test proposed by the government and approved by the State.

Conditions of the Pilot Plan

The arrival of tourists began in the second half of June. Foreigners will have to stay in second homes or in hotels that comply with established protocols on health and safety at work. In total, a maximum of 10900 tourists are expected to arrive on all islands.

Tourism promotion

For incoming tourists, excursions are organised to places of interest such as Bellver Castle or the Sóller train. The activities, which will have specific health protocols, will be used to promote tourism in the Balearic Islands.

Thanks to this pilot test, the Balearic Islands are convinced that they will project abroad the image of a safe destination that they have always enjoyed in their main tourist markets. « It is a very important challenge to reposition the islands as a safe, high quality and rigorous destination ».

Tourism, updated information

All the information about the impact of COVID19 on a trip to the Balearic Islands is available at the Tourist Offices.

– Balearic Islands Tourism Office links to the local government page

Mallorca Tourist Office you will find a FAQ COVID 19

Important information: all sectors of activity are following the new health regulations to reduce the spread of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus in tourism. Information is available in specific health guides.

Hotel sector

The vast majority of international Spanish hoteliers such as Melia, Iberostar or Barceló are Mallorcan and based in the Balearic Islands. Many of them are present in Asia, particularly in China, which partly explains their great reactivity in adapting the different experiences of customers in their establishments, while guaranteeing optimum health safety. The dynamics are very well represented in the video ads of several large hotel chains. Peace of mind is the key word. The work is enormous and qualitative.


Numerous promotional campaigns of the Tourist Office are underway with magnificent video ads! Discover them here!
Balearic Islands wish to see you again

To protect the health of tourists and residents, the Spanish government has implemented a series of measures to protect people’s public health, including health checks on passengers upon their arrival in Spain. On this site you can find the health control form to fill in and obtain the QR code, to be shown at the controls on arrival in Spain.

All the information related to the entry to Spain can be found on this page:


Health crisis: COVID19 situation and balance sheet
National source
– The Spanish government
– La Moncloa
– Ministry of Health
Local source Regional Government of the Balearic Islands

For your information (22/06/2020)
– Confirmed cases in Spain 246,504
– Confirmed cases in France 160,750 (source)
– 28324 Deceased Spain (224 Balearic Islands)
– 29663 Deceased France




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