Insiders & Meet The Locals Production in Ibiza


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Because we want to show Ibiza differently and return the human being factor to the centre of our experiences, add an original idea for your event to your programmes!

Optional in our “Car Fun Rally”, we propose to find during our itinerary, together with the residents and locals, passionate people in love with Ibiza. Eager to share their knowledge and their local products, they will make you live a unique experience. Share and Live !

Sometimes it’s not the destination that is the interest, but the encounters with the people during the trip. That’s when the best emotions, memories and connections are created! #SOCIALTRAVELLING.


Find some ideas we can offer you during your Rally:

1 / Tasting of the only coffee produced in Ibiza and dried fruits from the island (prados, hazelnuts).

Our “local friend SAMUEL” will explain their varieties and product philosophy ☕


2 / Vintage Picnic Stop: Mini sandwich, Set Up Food truck, herb harvest for the making of the famous  “Hierbas” from Ibiza, and shot tasting ?


3 / Tasting of the 100% Ibosim beer with our “local friend OSCAR “?

4 / Musical experience with our “local friend ARIEL” – Hang Instrument ️?

With your local DMC see Ibiza in another light.

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